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How to buy stage lights - [Longdi Light]

Tips are coming! Outdoor performance laser light purchase request - [Longdi Light]


All sides have their own domain skills requirements, with the advantages of automation, digitization, integration, is a key skill, find a variety of outdoor lighting laser light purchase requirements, let you from Experience the essence!

1. look at the power and spot diameter when buying

The beam of the stage laser light is fatal to the human eye, and the greater the power, the more dangerous! A stationary green laser beam with a spot diameter of less than 2 mm and a power of more than 100 mW, if directly hitting the human skin, has a burning sensation within a few seconds. When the same spot, a green laser beam with a power greater than 300 mW is directly shot onto the clothes, the clothes may be burned through within one minute. Therefore, you must never look directly at the stationary laser beam!

During the laser show, the laser beam is scanned by the high-speed galvanometer. Although the power of the laser is relatively large, the laser power density per unit area after sweeping is very low, and it usually does not cause irreversible damage to the human eye. . However, if the laser beam suddenly stops during the normal scanning process due to a malfunction such as a circuit or a scanning galvanometer, and this laser beam is incident on your eyes, it depends on your luck. If your eyesight is obviously reduced, the person who is serious will be blind immediately!

The laser show looks good, but it's dangerous! In order to solve this problem, developed countries such as Europe and the United States have developed a "laser scanning out of control protection" technology. After the stage laser light is equipped with this technology, when the laser beam stops scanning unexpectedly, the laser will be automatically turned off immediately. Therefore, in order to protect you and your customers' eyes, you must pay attention to whether this product has the "laser scan out of control protection" function when purchasing laser demonstration products, and to verify this function.

2. Look at the classification of stage laser lights

There are currently two types of stage lasers on the market that are classified from scanning devices. One type is the simple beam scanning stage laser lamp. This type of stage laser lamp is scanned by a low-speed stepper motor, and the effect is only a simple and repeated beam effect. The other type is the galvanometer scanning stage laser light, which is usually used for text and animation. The galvanometer scanning stage laser light can be divided into low-speed 10Kpps text animation stage laser light and ILDA standard >30Kpps high-speed medium and high-end text animation stage laser light. Low-speed galvanometer scanning stage lasers usually cannot deliver complex high-quality text or animations, nor can they produce "multi-pattern effects." Maocheng's high-end text animation stage laser light developed by >30Kpps high-speed galvanometer can not only deliver high-quality text and animation, but also deliver "multi-pattern effect" effect.

3. Observe the actual effect of voice control

Nowadays, many stage laser lights have a "sound control" function. This "sound control" is actually a very simple volume trigger laser playback function, which is simple and monotonous. The "laser music synchronous synthesis play" is to synthesize the laser effect data and the music related rhythm data together, so that in the cooperation of the background music, the laser speeds and plays the music rhythm in an orderly manner, and the effect is usually The "sound control" effect can not be compared.


4. see the artistic effect of text animation

At present, many of the so-called text animation stage laser lights on the market have no "broken pen" effect, and the artistic sense of text animation is very poor. The so-called "broken pen" means that when the text is placed, there should be no laser connection between the strokes of the same word or between the two characters. In general, low-end stage lasers do not have a breaking peneffect, and the text or animation they deliver is highly distorted.


5, see if you have "multiple laser pattern stunts"

If the stage laser light or performance system has the "multi-pattern effect" function, then it can be more effective. It can be said simply that such a single-head stage laser light can be used to deliver two ordinary single-head stage lasers. The combined effect of the lights.


6. look at the performance of the "galvanometer"

The galvanometer is a key component that directly affects the quality of the pattern. Usually, a good galvanometer can deliver more text in the same fidelity; or in the same amount of text, the distortion of the text is small. A galvanometer that delivers high-quality text can also deliver high-quality, more powerful laser-effect patterns.