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Amy Hu

Email:[email protected]

Director of Sales

“Quality is our culture”
Amy Hu is the Sales Director for China and overseas.
Have a keen insight into the stage lighting industry,
Responsible for communicating with the lighting engineer and setting marketing direction.
She likes everything that concerning beauty.

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Louise Dong

Email:[email protected]

Sales Manager

“Quality is our culture”
Louise Dong has won the favor of all departments and customers of the company with an optimistic and positive attitude.
Mainly responsible for overseas sales and customer service.
She hopes to bring smiles and Longdi products to the world.

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Eddie Deng

Email: [email protected]

Quality management & production technician

“Quality is our culture”
Eddie Deng has 10 years of experience in the lighting industry.
Under the leadership of founder Ken Dong, the requirements for the products -
Internal, appearance, performance and use are very strict.

Please contact us for any questions regarding products and technology.