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What are the fire safety issues in the stage lighting design? [Longdi Light]


It is well known that the most important stage lighting design in the performance design of the auditorium is not only to ensure the gorgeous design of the stage lighting, but also to ensure that the stage lighting design meets fire safety standards.

beam moving head light

                                                                                                            (LD-2136-7R 230W 7R beam moving head light)

Fire safety issues that need attention when designing basic light sources in stage lighting design:

First, in the performance of the stage decoration design of the auditorium, the construction and hoisting of the temporary light frame should be approved in advance by the building adjustment department for the load capacity and installation method of the load-bearing components. The towering floor lamp stand should have a dumping measure to prevent the center of gravity of the lamp frame from being biased toward the side of the lamp and the side of the standing operator.

Secondly, the lamps on the stage of the auditorium should be installed on the pedestal that is not easy to ignite. It should also be noted that the distance between the flammable textiles such as curtains should be more than half a meter, and the frontal spacing of the lamps should be greater than 1.5 meters. Moreover, it is necessary to fully estimate that the spacing is affected by factors such as the rise and fall of the curtain, the opening and closing, the movement of the lamps and the swing caused by the natural airflow, and the insulation measures that cannot meet the safety spacing should be taken. If the curtain is close to the column light, a fixed metal bracket or mesh cover should be provided to block the curtain from being close to the fixture.


beam moving head light

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                (LD-2136-7R 230W 7R beam moving head light)

Thirdly, to avoid hanging flags, emitting ribbons, flying balloons and setting other moving objects in the lighting decoration area during the whole stage decoration design, in case these items are in direct contact with the high temperature lamps, and the winding and collision will cause fire.

Fourth, if there is flammable material under the lighting in the stage lighting design of the auditorium, a wire fence or a non-combustible material should be installed on the front and the vents of the luminaire to reduce the bursting of the glass and the hot filament. The hazard caused by splashing.